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About Us

Information Technology (IT) has remained at the forefront of opportunities for innovation and their application in improving the quality of our lives. As companies reach out to the global marketplace, and technology rapidly blurs territorial boundaries, business heads must now consider very aggressive 'time to market' conditions for products and services.

The global IT industry has grown by obsolescing its own products, thereby paving the way for cutting-edge solutions. This process has not only created opportunities for more entrepreneurs in the IT consulting space, but also has provided a variety of job opportunities.

ASP Web Solutions incorporated in Tennessee, USA, is a millennium company which set out to create a niche for itself as a reliable Defense Contracting Company. Steered by a management team of experienced business and technology experts, with collective experience of over 50 years, ASP Web Solutions brings to bear, a blend of maturity coupled with great flexibility and adaptability. By virtue of consulting experience, training and business management for over two decades, ASP Web Solutions is well-positioned to offer its clients significant value propositions.

Corporate Overview

Founded in 1998, ASP Web Solutions, LLC (ASP) is a growing Minority and Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with offices in New Orleans, LA and Memphis, Tennessee. ASP finished FY09, FY10, FY11 and FY12 with 18, 22, 28 and 34 employees and revenues of $1.4, $1.8M , $2.1M and $2.4M respectively. ASP can get a highly-trained employee hired, under contract, and on the job quickly. They will be supported by a company with Information Technology as well as security, domestic and foreign travel, accounting, and payroll expertise. ASP has the lowest rates and a high reputation for quality service.

Core Competencies: Domains
Core Competencies: Services
Current and Past Customers/Partners
Quality Management
  • ISO 9001 – Internal Audit underway
  • Lean Six Sigma – Greenbelt certificate underway
  • Approved accounting system
  • Audits (rated Satisfactory)
  • DCAA floor audit (December 08)
  • IDIQ contract
  • N69240-04-F-0309, SSC Atlantic ($75M), DOI (1B), D13PC00028
  • SeaPort-e Contract
  • N69250-04-R-0300, US Navy CSC ($7.8M)
  • Encore contract
  • ACAT 1AM HC1028-08-D-2022, SSC Atlantic ($480M)
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (54)
  • 541511, 541512, 541330, 541513, 541519, 541611, 541711
  • DUNS : 034052337
  • CAGE : is 1X8F0
  • ASP holds facility clearance.
  • ASP holds Professional Liability and Worker Compensation and General Liability of 3M
  • EIN : is 72-1484948,
SBA Classifications
  • Minority and Veteran-Owned Small Business (8a in process)
  • Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
  • Small Business (SB)
For additional information, please contact:
John Halby, President/CEO
ASP Web Solutions, LLC
2959 Elmore Park, Suite One
Bartlett, TN 38134
(888) 642-3064 fax 800-657-0970

Our Mission

  • To develop innovative, high quality and feasible technology solutions with time-bound deliverables.
  • To offer cost-effective consulting solutions, by deploying consultants with exemplary technical skills, both on-site and off-shore.
  • To provide niche consulting solutions in cutting-edge and just-in-time technology tools and platforms.
  • To facilitate optimal leveraging of economic differential benefits for our clients by providing them with virtual software development facilities offshore.
  • To create a "learning organization" that consultants take pride in being associated with.


  • To be a leading information technology solution provider by providing value-added services that exceed our client's expectations and which increase their productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage.
  • To be the preferred "outsourcing partner" who provides a competitive advantage to its clients.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy revolves around:

Clients, consultants and employees are our most valued resources. Our primary function is to align the interests of these stakeholders to form mutually beneficial consulting engagements. We strive to provide our clients with increased productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage within their industries. We strive to provide our consultants with a fun working environment, a high-quality benefits package, challenging opportunities, generous rewards, and an opportunity to learn new technologies.

In the highly competitive IT industry, successful people think creatively to identify opportunities and act upon them. One of the best ways to develop creative skills is through continuous education. The value-added aspects of identifying opportunities stem from our ability to turn data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into good decision-making. Our quest for knowledge gives us a strategic competitive advantage. We continually challenge our comfort zone by turning problems into opportunities to grow and learn.

Our core competency is a comprehensive understanding of technology and how to implement the appropriate technology for the client's business. To achieve our vision we engage ourselves in the process of continuous upgrade with respect to new technology. We actively strive to position ourselves in acquiring "just-in-time" technology understanding, be it a new software tool or completely new architectural learning issues. ASP Web Solutions has positioned itself to adapt to new technology learning and implementing "niche" solutions for its client.

To enable our clients to achieve leadership status in their industry, we value the role of 'innovation' in our deployment of knowledge and technology. A sound understanding of technology innovations enables us many times to propose a sound process innovations for our clients.

To us, quality of our services is synonymous with 'reliable-yet-affordable services' that contribute to the client's bottom line. We strive for continuous quality improvements in everything we do.

We value integrity because it provides us an opportunity to grow meaningful, lasting, and rewarding relationships with our clients and employees.

We value community, both in and outside the work environment and acknowledge our commitment to the same.

Our locations:

Our corporate locations:

2959 Elmore Park,
Suite One Egypt Central Bartlett, TN 38135

67 Robyn Pl,
Mandeville, LA 70471